Air Traffic Control and Its Tasks

The term "Air Traffic Control" is defined in § 29 (1) sentence 1 Luftverkehrsgesetz (LuftVG): "The prevention of operational hazards to aviation safety and public safety or order by aviation (air traffic control) ..."

The air traffic control therefore comprises the two components:

1. Defence against operational hazards to aviation safety:

These are to be understood as aviation-specific hazards, i.e. hazards, which may impair the function of air traffic. Air traffic control must ensure the safe functioning of aviation (safety).

2. Defence against public safety or aviation dangers:

These are the cases in which e.g. an aircraft causes a risky situation for uninvolved third parties. In these cases, air traffic control will only be responsible if the hazard is caused by aviation.

The tasks of air traffic control relate to

  • the operation of the airport,
  • the operation of airlines,
  • the operation of the aircrafts at the airport, as well as
  • the aviation staff.

Local Air Traffic Control Berlin-Schönefeld

The airport of Berlin-Schönefeld is the location of the local air traffic control in the federal state of Brandenburg. From here, various control tasks are performed, and measures are taken, which contribute considerably to the safe functioning of aviation. The main activities of the local air traffic control include:

  • Permanent monitoring of the airport facility and airport operations
  • Defence of operational hazards to aviation and public safety and order
  • Monitoring the obstacle clearance of arrival and departure sectors
  • Spot checks of the aircraft and aviation staff
  • Technical supervision of the air traffic control officers at the Berlin-Tegel Airport
  • Participation in apron inspections by Luftfahrt Bundesamt (Federal Aviation Office)
  • Air control at approved aviation events

The Interregional Air Traffic Control is responsible for 80 landing sites (12 airfields, 30 special airfields, 4 glider airfields, 34 special helicopter landing sites) in Berlin and Brandenburg.